Simplified Alpinism

Fall Sale through October 10th.

15% off all Dyneema climbing packs and custom options. Please use this code when checking out -TGKYYOK

 20% off all custom bikepacking bags . Please use this code for the discount when checking out, YFE41SY


Wait times: current wait  on  is 3-5 weeks . Check out the Wait List page to see where I'm at. 

Welcome to Alpine Luddites. I build custom technical backpacks and bikepacking bags. These are our my own designs, created by decades of ideas gained from exploring the mountains of the world.

 I have loved alpinism and cycling as far back as childhood. In my mind, the essence of alpinism and cycling has always been about looking back, yet not staying stuck in the past. If I spend too much time looking forwards ,I'd never see where the past has brought us today. If I ignore the past, I'd leave behind the history and amazing events that make these two sports great in the first place.

Simplified Alpinism came from random thought trying to explain the essence of what I do. My packs and bikepacking bags are totally reliable, functional and designed with the actual user experience in mind. From technical alpinism, to endurance mountain bike racing my gear is easier to use and will last for years. There are very few who build gear this well.

My packs and bike bags features and fit are fully customizable. My level of detail & quality is above and beyond what you see from mass produced gear. All of my gear is made in Ouray Colorado. the shop & showroom is open limited hours or by appointment. 

After looking over the site please contact me with any questions. Buying a custom pack from Alpine Luddites is akin to buying a handmade bicycle. It's all about meeting your needs , getting a perfect fit and sometimes a long wait.....

Thanks for your consideration.