Alpine Luddites

mask for the Navajo Nation



The Native American tribe has the highest per-capita infection rate after New York and New Jersey but has a fraction of the resources. Read the latest.


I have been sending masks at my cost to the Navajo Nation healthcare workers. 


But you can help too, by buying masks for the cost of building & shipping them to the SW. There is no profit in this drive.


You can also support them directly from their Go Fund Me page. Abhorrent as it is People in America need to beg for health care.

This story  about the Navajo and the Irish Potato Famine was a positive for me today.

Like all Alpine Luddites gear, these are no nonsense PPE. These masks are made from 2 layers of surgical wrap fabric, which is microporous to .3 microns.

NOT N95 Medical Grade material, and they are NOT FDA regulated. They are a step towards personal protection, but cannot ensure total protection from airborne particles. they have an bendable aluminum nose bar. they have nylon tape straps that have cordlocks or can tie around your head. they can be sterilized and reused. 


They do offer significantly more filtration than a cotton mask. 

 They ship within 5 days  at this point.

flat shipping rate. 

No returns on masks.