Alpine Luddites

Frame bag class




Where: Alpine Luddites studio, Peacham Vermont

Project: Frame bag

Cost: $750, includes materials

Space: limited to 3 students max

 When: september 21-22 2024



  • No prior sewing experience needed!
  • The class will introduce you to industrial sewing machines, techniques, how to pattern your frame bag and other bike packing bags
  • I'll walk you through making a pattern to fit your bike, how to sew, instal zippers, fabric selection and the details that go into making long lasting gear.
  • you get to make your pattern to any design, cut ,sew and finish your frame bag
  • all instock fabrics and components are made available to you as part of the course fee. if you want certain colors I'll make it happen
  • throughout the class i'll answer any questions about any bags or packs I build
  • If it get too tricky I'll lend a hand and make sure you leave with a great frame bag of your own design.

I'll follow up class registration with an informational email.

No refunds unless there is someone waiting to take your place.