fabric information

Fabrics available:


Dimension Polyant X-Pac fabrics:


DX40- five-layer laminate. Color-Silver. the outer fabric is a woven combination of 40% UHMWP (generic Dyneema/Spectra fibers) and 60% woven polyester with a dacron X grid and 70D nylon lining. Waterproof to 200 PSI.  around 7 ounces per sq. yard. Used in all alpine packs. A great combination of high strength, abrasion resistance, and waterproofness. 


  • 40% Ultra-PE
  • 60% Polyester


  • Ultra-PE/polyester ripstop
  • Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°
  • 0.25 mil polyester film
  • 50 denier polyester taffeta

    VX42- Similar to the DX40 but with a 400 D packcloth face fabric. Nice for packs and bike bags. Colors are black or sometimes grey.
    VX21- similar the VX42 but slightly lighter with a 200 D nylon face fabric. Ideal for bike bags and lighter packs. colors stocked: coyote, navy blue, bright blue, red, purple, grey, teal, orange, dark green, white, yellow.
    X33- 330 D Cordura laminated Xpack. great for packs and bike bags. available only in Multicam camo.
    X51- a very durable fabric with both 500 & 1000 D Cordura fibers woven for the outer fabric. Makes very durable bike bags, ski packs, panniers. gunmetal grey only. This also used on the perimeter of all frame bags.


    same use as X pac VX21. colors:

    Nylon fabrics:

    16 Oz Ballistics Nylon. used for classic packs: Black Crag, Face Nord, Fish, French Technique. Colors- Red, Royal, Navy, Coyote, Grey, purple, orange, Black. other colors available by special order
    11 oz. Cordura-1000D, old school standard. available in any color by special order. stock colors: kelly green, purple, royal blue, navy, orange, camo
    8 oz Cordura. 500 D. Used for shoulder straps and hip belts. stock black only.
    8 oz Cordura with TPU laminate-great for durable bike bags, packs. comes from Germany. colors-Grass green, navy blue, red, black, grey, petrol, lemon green- special order only.
    TPU - "Thermoplastic Polyurethane" - can be deformed and connected by heat. In the case of textiles, TPU is laminated onto the fabric as a film. The film makes the fabric reliably watertight and airtight. With our Corduras made in Germany.
    500D Cordura-Spectra grid. Excellent pack fabric. black w/ white grid only.
    210 HDP grid stop. 4.8 oz per sq yard. 210 D. a lightweight pack cloth with HDPE grid. nice for really light packs and bike bags. colors-blue, grey, orange, black
    400 D pack cloth. Used for interior pockets and traditional pack bivy extensions. stocked colors: silver, pink,  orange, purple, royal. other colors available by special order

    Dyneema Fabrics


    5oz Dyneema Composite fabric. I use this fabric for Ul backpacks and bike bags. available in any color. Not for use in technical alpine packs.  Adds$100 to any bike bag,  $200 to any small pack up to 35 L. $300 to any pack 40L and up. must be special ordered. no returns or exchanges.


    3 oz. Dyneema Composite fabric. same use and cost as above but lighter. 




    11.9 oz waxed canvas made in Scotland. adds $100 to any pack as it needs to be special ordered. No returns/refunds with this fabric.