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TDR bikepacking pack

A TDR pack getting ready to head of to the UK! I haven't built one of these in a couple of years, probably cause I took it off the website awhile back. The original I designed and took this pack on my 2017 Tour Divide race. It weighs 15 ounces, this one is 17 oz. the difference comes from the daisy chains, compression straps, extra #10 zipper slider(.6 oz each) and the requested 2nd logo. The front and sides are 500D Cordura w/ Dyneema grid, top and bottom are xpac VX42. Back panel is spacer mesh lined with VX07. The inside divider for the front pocket is .9 oz Dyneema. The shoulder straps are spacer mesh with 1/4" foam and VX42 top panels. They are sewn so the spacer mesh wraps up the side so that's all you'll feel against your neck. No belt. Sample alloy sternum strap buckles, weighed less than Fastex buckles. It's primary use will be endurance bike racing and fell running, for this that don't know fell running, it's the British version of mountain running , the races are usually teams of two and can(?) have a required bivy with a required amount of gear you have to run with. The originals were organized by Karrimor , and later by OMM, head by mike parsons of karrimor.

TDR pack

custom frame bag set

Holy shit this a good looking set up! A custom frame and top tube bag I built back in December for a customer in Washington. I built the frame bag with ski holders on each side to use Voile straps to carry skis on his bike. The mermaid was extra! First time I've gotten to see it in action.

frame bags

classic packs

Pictured here are the two Fish packs I just finished up. but I built a pile of classic packs this week and you can see them all on my instagram account, just scroll to the bottom of this page to see all the photos.

This is the post:

My week in packs. Most going to Japan, one to park city, one to an old co-worker/founder from my time at Cloudveil in Jackson , WY. The Fish pack, is first. I love how it's really just an old school ballistics haul bag . This is an exact replica, plus the foam padded back. Two Pinnacles. Then some Black Crags. I am oftener asked how my construction compares to the originals , so I've included some detailed shots of the interior on my packs vs. the original Chouinard.

classic packs

alpine machine 40 top loader

Here's the top load Alpine Machine 40 with it's avalanche gear pocket I posted yesterday. This pack weighs under 2 lbs, just over 2 with the avy gear pocket. A full pound lighter that the purple pack I posted two days ago. Built in Xpac D40 with 2nd layer is 500 D Cordura on the bottom and lower rim. While I don't use a zip top loader often, I really like the simplicity and clean lines of this pack, just drop your gear in and go. Rope straps on top of the lid, interior compression strap, removable hip belt, both interior and lid pockets separated by a see thru layer of 1 ounce Dyneema . Like all my packs they are custom fitted to their owner: shoulder strap width/ foam and spacing. Hip belt and back length made to measure.


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