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pencil and sticker packs

packs of 5 pencils and random sticker assortment now available!

they are free with orders as I always include them but due to demand now available on their own.

stickers are random. pencils are red.

carpenters pencils

Luddite flag t-shirt

men's and women's. black, white or red.

flag t shirt

top tube bags

A pile of top tube bags off to a customer for his family's collection of mt bikes! I think three of the same carbon FS bikes but all different sizes. These sport every feature I offer in this style: foam padded bottoms, hydration/dynamo charging wire port, internal baffle and custom colors. There is almost zero steerer tube so I utilized a bungee cord front attachment, one loop Velcro for the top tube / seat post. I'm digging the new German rainbow #69 thread for the bartacks. They weigh less than 8 ounces each, volume 4 liters. All custom fitted as standard. There are no stock sizes for these. Shop music to keep me going has been a loop of every band @mskathleenhanna has created. #bikinikill #bikepacking #bikebag 

top tube bag

top loading frame bag

This Top Loading frame bag is off to adventure in Alaska!! The top load frame bag design offers lots of features that make it ideal for really long trips: first no zipper to break. It's top loading like a backpack, much easier and faster to load, rummage through and unpack. It has 3 cross the top compression straps to close it up, a vertical Velcro baffles to keep it from bulging out ( looks like a Jensen pack) and plenty of one wrap Velcro to strap it to the top tube underneath the big flap, which also Velcro's down like a courier bag. There is a flat zippered pocket opposite the flap. The side panels are lined with vx21 and fold around the corner to cover the first few inches of the bag at the front and rear to both provide structure and help keep rain out of the bag. The slight down side to this style is its heavier and costs more. This particular bag is all 500 D Cordura with a laminated TPU backside ( can be RF welded) making it as waterproof as Xpac but much more durable than the standard VX21 and VX42 fabrics. It comes from a European distributor and I'm stocking small amounts in most of the five colors available . DM or email me if you want more info on incorporating this fabric on a project. It's not on the website.

top load frame bag

custom lumbar pack

This project was really difficult, my first ever military style lumbar pack. I have never built one, or even considered it until I received a request from a very tall customer stationed in Eastern Europe . He has a 25" torso length, that's why this whole bag seems disproportionate in the photos. It took three times longer than I thought it would. This is a very custom one off. I worked harder and longer on this than projects for other brands paying me 4X as much. I have a pile of sewn prototype parts sitting on one of the tables. The rough dimensions are 19" tall, 12-14" wide and 8" deep. Plus the extra room in the roll top. The Don lid is extendable/removable. The Velcro is for one of his 🇨🇦 flag patches for when traveling on climbing trips. Even the two logo patches are velcroed on. There is a zippered foam back pad pocket and two small dimensioned 7075-t6 alloy stay. The belt is the big conical belt I use on my bigger packs. He want huge side pockets to fit insulated Nalgene bottles . I add the side compression to keep them out of the way when empty. Entire bag is xpac vx42, with 3 oz Dyneema pocket onside. Sorting out the X style shoulder harness added a lot to the complexity. I glad it's done. Total hours is around 30 over 2.5 days. 

full custom

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