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summit packs

two samples I built for my @sterlingcollegevt class as part of their final project tonight. These are as an example only and they will have to design one as a class and make the pattern for a roll top summit pack. The orange model is 10 ounces. Built out of the new @north_sails 100% recycled polyester laminated fabric, Cary similar to Xpac's VX21 fabric. I wanted to try it, so many of the student projects will use it. I sewed a nylon twill tape inside behind the daisy chain so the bartacks won't pull through over time. A 11 oz Cordura bottom, Webb shoulder straps.

The second sample for my students of the roll top summit pack. This version is only 8.5 ounces, 2" less in width, but uses the heavier 400D face fabric. It's also a 100 % recycled polyester laminate from @north_sails . The double bottom is 500 D Cordura. This pack is only 2 pieces of fabric . The double bottom is sewn over a long single piece of fabric. Harder to sew as the fabric is 55" long. But no bottom panel to sew in. I'll

Will be used as a stuff sac inside their big packs until needed. Should be a challenging first project. These simple packs with a foam back pad and padded shoulders straps would weigh well under a pound and be ideal for ULbackpacking

inquire for as these are on a custom basis.

custom AM 40

Aidan's new Alpine Machine 40L. It's his second climbing pack from me. He bought a White Light/White Heat a couple years ago. This came in at 32 ounces with the hip belt, but not the voile straps. Considering how long this pack will last that's pretty light. The pack is all xpac DX40, the woven Dyneema/polyester face fabric with 16 oz ballistics nylon on the double bottom and lower rim. There is no lid, nor any hardware to add one later. He had originally ordered a roll top 40 L alpine machine. But this made more sense for his needs once he saw one of my samples here in the shop( yes, I'm taking visitors by appointment ). It has the ski slots with the voile ski straps. Why fuck around with anything else? ( I only wish @voile would sell them to me at wholesale. They never replied when I tried to set up an account just for buying straps. I'll have to ask @g3gear , where I used be a sales rep. ) But this pack has the first set of woven spectra shoulder straps. Also the first technical pack with the new logo patch! I'll ship as soon as another set of blue ski straps show up.

Alpine machine 40L

Expedition duffel

This instagram post got a lot of attention, so here's a direct link to the expedition duffels I make.

Lizzy hauling the new E Pulk , which looks bigger than her, with one of my 135 L expedition duffels into Katahdin with @drskimo . I think the 50L pack I built dr skimo a few years ago is in the front. Either way looks like an Fantastic character building spring ski trip! Hahaha

expedition duffel

Sterling college outdoor gear design and production class, here at Alpine luddites.

I'm teaching my first college level outdoor gear design and production class. @sterlingcollegevt has brought me on as an adjunct to teach here I'm my studio. First class is Monday. If your in the college stage of life studying outdoor education, ecology, sustainable agriculture, or want to design your own major I highly recommend you look at Sterling. Truth be told I feel a little sheepish teaching a college class. My only formal teaching experience is when I was an instructor at Outward bound years ago. But look for more posts of my class on instagram as it progresses.

sterling college

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