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alpine machine 60

Kay’s new Alpine Machine 60L pack! This pack has been on the waiting list since January of 2020. Kay wanted to wait till she could come to the shop in person to get measured. She’s coming back to pick it up so I can bend her frame stays and For Kay to meet Fred, our newest shop dog.
Needless to say Kay likes bright colors…. The pack is built in 8 oz woven UHMWPE ( the same fiber as the brand names of Dyneema and Spectra). The the eye popping green is Cordura. The green topo trim fabric is 3 oz custom printed Dyneema. Its fairly straight forward with the extra features being the wand pockets, extra long compression straps( for foam pads) and the custom printed Dyneema. This is the same hip belt I posted a few days ago, spending an hour to get the belt shape right. These big packs easily take 15-20 hours of work. Thats not including emails, shop visits or instagram posts.

alpine machine

TDR pack

A TDR pack for one of my oldest customers in SLC. This pack was conceived and test ridden on my 2017 Tour Divide race. This one weighs 19 ounces. Full spacer mesh back panel and harness lining. Topo printed Dyneema inner panel. Pack body is a combo of challange sailcloth exp, and 500 D Cordura with dyneema grid. Daisy chains are for lacing on extra cord for carrying your bike (AZ750) or other gear. The hip wings are spacer mesh and a stretch woven fabric so they move with your body and prevent rubbing. While I detest spacer mesh in general as it wears fast, in this pack it works and is worth the trade off. See, i can be flexible. I have another one due made out of 16 ballistics for a climbing pack. Looking forward to seeing that.

TDR pack

custom seat bag

Second full custom project this week. Puts me way past 40 hours. This request came from @dylanvarekamp from @nycvelo . He asked for a lighter version of his Rivendell bike seat bag. This one is made from 100% recyled polyester laminated fabrics from @challengesailcloth . The great “D”ring buckles came from my stock taken off of many @cilogear_official packs at customer requests. (Saves 8 ounces per pack FYI).the cam buckles from @austere_manufacturing . I had been saving the sample buckles for this project. Saddle straps from @voilestraps . The rear seat post strap is one of my old @campagnolosrl leather toe straps. The black bottom is a laminated Kevlar fabric with a thin polyethylene skid plate across the entire bottom. The downside to one off custom projects is the cost and the waste of prototype material in figuring out how to build something. You can see my reject pile in the trash. If i were to build this again i wouldn’t make any significant changes, just a few minor ones. If I’m asked to make a one off bag, one i never plan to build again, please remember the cost of R&D is all yours. 

full custom

custom pack

I received an email a while back from one of the well known anchors at @msnbc out of the blue. They asked if i could build them a pack they could carry their combat gear in for reporting from war zones. It had to fit their two bullet proof vests, helmet, gas mask, spare cartridge filters etc. it had to be able to check on a plane, and carry on their back. A cross between a travel pack and a duffle bag. This took 32 hours to design and build, including the prototype panels. The bulletproof vest has rigid plates and doesn’t fold. The inner zippered panel is to hold the vest liner. The helmet and vest go on top and held in place by the mesh panel, which also compresses the load. I decided against exterior compression straps. There is just one daisy web strip on the front. The harness is covered by a zip panel that folds into a bottom compartment. There is a frame sheet and single aluminum stay behind the closed cell foam back pad. I used #10 zippers from @ykk_usa on the exterior. Fabric is a combo of 16 oz ballistics and @challengesailcloth EPLX840.

custom packs

DX40 frame bag

New frame bag for @brettstepanik ! For his @chumba ti Stella. Its a bit smaller than his old bikes front triangle. But still has an internal baffle to support his water bladder and a top exit hydration port by the head of the top tube. Still made out of xpac DX40, finished weight with patches is 8 ounces

Frame bags

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