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Seat bags

A pile of seat bags ready to be shipped out! Two in xpac x33 Cordura , two in vx42, the black ones, and one in 5 oz dyneema/ DX40. The black with purple was a custom request. the owner of the white Dyneema seat bag asked for blue and orange trim. Seat bags are available in 2 sizes, based on the distance from your seat rails to the tire.

seat bags

Pinnacle Rucksacks

A couple of Pinnacle packs off to different customers. This is one of my oldest products. These are inspired by the original Pinnacle made in the UK by Karrimor . I actually have the canvas original here at the shop but not assessable for a photo. The coyote pack is xpac vx21 with OD green Cordura . The red one has a full access side zip, a first for all the pinnacles I have built, in full Cordura with navy blue ballistic rim and doubled bottom. All metal hardware. Unlike the original these have a zippered foam back pad sleeve and zippered pocket under lid pocket. The packs back panel is 18", total length is 22",10" wide on the backside with a very slight flare to the main bag going up from the bottom. The Cordura versions will be the last day pack you'll ever need to buy. #alpineluddites


custom alpine machine 50+ with avy gear pocket

 Brandon's new Alpine Machine 50+! 11 months in making since his first email. Not an uncommon timeline at all. Some folks just order directly off the website, some people it's 40 emails, phone call or two and mailing different fabric swatches. Often the final decisions take place the day before I start cutting fabric, then it's too late. This pack is built out of Xpac x51 fabric. It is a combination of woven 500/1000D Cordura woven face fabric. Incredibly durable. I use it on all of the wear areas on every frame and seat bag. I also build the Higgs Boson ski pack out of this fabric. I don't see others using it. The bottom and lower rim are great ballistics nylon, full access side zipper, removable avy gear pocket, wand pockets, twin 7075 alloy stays and a thinner version of the cut to measure conical waist belt. Thin belt is a joint experiment. While it's a bigger pack it can be easily shrunk down for skimo, drop the lid and frame, pull in the compression straps, have thinner belt for active movement but fits your hips well to transfer weight for backpacking and/or general mountaineering. That's the idea anyways. 

Alpine packs

Handlebar front bag update

A pile of handlebar bags, most heading off to @deschutesrivercyclery in Olympia , WA our latest bike retailer!

These have a few changes: First being our new bike bag logo,  no bottom seam, more flexibility on where you attach the Velcro to fit around all the crap on your handlebars, and a easier to use zipper placement.

Colors are random as I used as much left over pieces as I could. I'd call @deschutesrivercyclery if you want one, I have a few in stock but most are on the way to Olympia.

Adam, the owner of the shop is also the organizer of the Olympic 420 bike packing race around the circumference of Washington's Olympic mountains. A race I'm really looking forward to riding.

handlebar front bags

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