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Seat Bag How To

Alpine Luddites Seat Bag - Installation:Pass the Velcro strap through both seat rails, keeping it centered on the bag. Thread the Velcro strap through the Nylon loop at the bottom edge of the sewn-on Velcro and fold it over its self on both sides. Wrap seat post strap through the 2” loop lock around your seat post and pull tight and fasten Velcro. ·       Retighten the side Velcro, one side at a time...

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New Product: Intercontinental Front Bag

Intercontinental Front Bag. Designed with for crossing all types of boundaries on your bike : physical, emotional, actual, impossible. Front pocket is removable, will never slide around, and is independent of the compression straps. The bar straps can be ordered to fit over aero bars or handlebars.I was working on this design when I heard the news of Mike Hallbeing killed. Hence the name. I have...

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Ouray to Moab ride

My first bike packing trip of the year. I road from my house, in Ouray, Colorado to Moab, Utah. It's not that far, 150 miles. Mainly on roads as there is still plenty of snow around here and in the La Sal mountains in Utah. The one 11 mile strech of dirt was a total mud bath.This was my first major shakedown ride in training for this years Tour Divide Race. My main goals were just to be out riding...

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Alpinst Mountain Standard White Light/ White Heat Review

Alpinist Magazine reviews the White Light/White Heat.advertisement Alpine Luddites White Light/White Heat backpack: custom-made to contentment Paula Wright Posted on: March 4, 2017 Printer Friendly VersionComment On This ArticleDigg it Subscribe To AlpinistAdd Mountain Standards RSS Feed  Flip MSRP: $300 (some additional features extra) Made in Ouray, Colorado, the Alpine Luddites White Light/White Heat...

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Tour Divide 2017

My backside riding in the Canadian Rockies Tour Divide 2015 It's happening again. I'm racing in the 2017 Tour Divide Race.I'll be gone June 7th-July 5th.  The Tour Divide ,for those that don't know, is a mountain bike race from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells New Mexico along the continental divide. it's roughly 2700 miles of riding.If you have a trip planned and need a pack or bikepacking bags...

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