About Us


Alpine Luddites: I love the classic alpine climbing packs of the 60's and 70's.  I create  & build modern renditions of these iconic packs as well as very focused technical alpine climbing packs.  Bikepacking bags came into the fold having raced the Tour Divide, 2700 miles from Banff to Mexico. I sew all packs to order here in Colorado,  with highest quality materials available, one at a time, with limited custom options.  

 I build my favorite packs from the late 60's and early 70's with inspiration from the original Karrimor of the UK, Chouinard Equipment and Millett of France.  

I learned how to sew outdoor gear like many small companies: by making my own gear when I couldn't find what I wanted by the major producers. In the early 90's I had the good fortune of working at Dana Design's in Bozeman Montana sewing those famous packs forty hours a week. Like many in the outdoor industry, I owe a debt of gratitude to Dana Gleason for hiring climbing dirtbags to work for him.  Today, I sew my packs as well as we sewed those packs in Bozeman. There are few other companies that built such good packs and I'm glad that Dana's Mystery Ranch is still growing, still building packs in Montana.

Decades of climbing, backpacking, and travel all over the world have gone into the design and build quality of my packs. I don't care for disposable gear and yearly updates to models. I have had to visit Asian factories for other outdoor brands in the past. I want no part of it. If you want something built just for you I offer custom packs as well. just send me an email to get the process started.Alison on Kantega

Alison Jane Hargreaves on Kantega . Photo by Mark Twight