Alpine Luddites

Travel pack

Travel pack. This has been a much requested pack. The one here in the photos is the first of several I have on order. it is MLC. maximum legal carry on size. 23"x11"x14"

I see three iterations of this pack:

first, as shown a big panel loading daypack, much as the one pictured. it can be built with the molle web for lashing on gear, or more likely, with a eiter a big stretch or flat zippered front pocket. this one was ordered with no waist belt, but a sewn in padded belt, or wide webbing belt are all options to customize your pack.

second, a conventional travel pack with a zip cover for the harness side so it can be safely check baggage. internal compression panel, large mesh pocket on the inside of the front zip panel for organization, full front pocket, either stretch fabric or zippered.

third, as a fully padded camera bag with internal padded dividers in all or part of the bag.

can be built with, or with out, an internal frame. but for heavy loads of glass or lots of hiking I would recommend a frame. all version have a foam back panel. Luggage handles are standard.


price includes any fabric except Dyneema branded fabrics or any custom printed fabric. The 16 oz ballistics with the Ultra 400 bottom is a nice combo, as shown on this pack. the ballistics is excellent for luggage.


Deposit is $300. finished prices, depending on options, $500-900.


As always, we need to schedule a call to sort out the details of your pack, getting the correct sizing information and answer any questions. These packs are all custom fitted like any other pack I build.