Alpine Luddites



The Chamonix is our modern retake on the classic Karrimor model of the same name from the late 60's thru the early 70's. It was a pack designed for climbing in the Alps.  It will hold 40-45L.

It has a conical cut to the bag, bigger at the top with a slight taper to the bottom. Features include a high-density foam padded back(removable for use as a bivy pad), a flat lid pocket, double layer bottom and crampon roll on the lid. The fabric is 11 oz Cordura nylon.  all packs are custom fitted. It comes with a removable  2" nylon web belt, the standard for packs of this type.  Please note I no longer have a good source for the toothed sliding buckles as shown in my pictures  of the green pack that the original used. I have switched to hooked metal buckles instead, as shown.