Alpine Luddites


The Nordwand is based off of my all time favorite alpine climbing pack, the Ferney, made years ago by Wild Things.  Built to hold up to years of abuse. The first climbing pack I ever built for myself while in school was a copy of this pack.

this pack is no lightweight, at about 3 lbs. At the same time it will hold up to an entire decade of abuse. The purple pack in the photos has over 1000 climbing days. the teal fabric reinforcements on the bottom and crampon patch rotted off but the main bag was still useable. That's a solid pack. I can't envision any modern packs holding up to that kind of use.

download the custom pack order form. You can see some of the most popular custom options here.

After you order a pack I'll contact you for your waist belt size and any customization. You can choose from all features: waist belt, harness size, bivy pad, frame sheet, alloy stays, crampon and ice tool attachment, webbing color and size, fitting issues, etc. 

Colors- these packs came in a wide variety of color combinations. So, in keeping with the spirit of this pack, you'll need to tell me what two fabric colors you want, and webbing color. I can get just about any color you wish in 11 oz. Cordura.



  • volume 55-60 Liters
  • full bivy extension
  • double high density foam back pad. unfolds too 24" x20" or 12" x40"
  • every pack custom fitted.
  • waist belt fully removable and custom sized.
  • three full-length daisy chains with Haul loops.
  • double bottom, lower rim and crampon patch
  • lid fully extendable and access into the pack from both sides
  • two pockets on lid
  • ski slots
  • colors totally up to you. 


  • UHMWP white fabric with Cordura overlays on the bottom, rim and crampon patch. So, a white pack, with colored reinforcements. 
  • custom colors
  • custom sized waist belt
  • more than two colors